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Our Objectives & Acquisition Criteria

Invest in Africa One Holdings


At AO Holdings Ltd we offer our clients and partners transparent simple participation investments. We act as investment partner to our clients and participate with them in both the reward and the risk.

At AO we offer our clients the opportunity to access alternative investments that are normally not available to the extremely wealthy and well connected. Our projects range from mining opportunities, corporate mergers and expansions into Africa to participation in simple property transactions.

As a responsible service provider seeking to develop the African continent we strongly believe in independent review,
thus all our ventures are:

Independently Managed


Independently Audited


Independently Administrated

We believe by implemented this we live our philosophy of Sine Cera and thus insure:



Long Term Benefits


Master Craftmenship

Available Investment Opportunities


Africa One Direct Property Portfolio’s

We offer our clients the opportunity to invest into larger commercial properties across the African continent. This model allows you to benefit directly from the rental income and capital growth of the relevant property or properties in your portfolio.


Africa One Alternative Asset Class Direct Portfolio’s

At AO we offer mid-size investors the opportunity to earn above average income and capital growth by acquiring debt books, rental agreements and specific invoices. This asset class is largely ignored in most investors portfolio’s but we have over the last decade proven it to be an extremely profitable asset class.


Africa One Direct Mining Portfolio

Due to our close association with leading Pan-African mining contractors we can offer medium to long term investors the opportunity to access larger mining projects via equity and/or preference share offers that are traditionally only available to large funds, banks and mining houses.

For a detailed brochure and presentation please contact us

Investment Objective

At Africa One our investment and acquisition strategy can by described as a value investing with a “management centric” approach. Thus our strategy can be summarised as buying into outstanding companies at a low PE ratio, whilst empowering management to be financially committed to the long term success of the acquisitions and the Group as a whole.

Value investing has proven to be a successful investment strategy. There are several ways to evaluate its success. One way is to examine the performance of simple value strategies, such as buying low PE ratio stocks, low price-to-cash-flow ratio stocks, or low price-to-book ratio stocks. Numerous academics have published studies investigating the effects of buying value stocks. These studies have consistently found that value stocks outperform growth stocks and the market as a whole.


Our Acquisition process includes, in depth analysis of:

The Quality of the management team

  • Dynamic
  • energetic,
  • financially committed and
  • Strong understanding of its business and industry.

Nature of business, by gaining an in-depth understanding of:

  • the Viability
  • Robustness
  • Growth prospects and
  • Key differentiator.

Value and Strategic Value of the Company:

Value and Strategic Value of the Company

The actual steps can be more clearly defined as:

  • In-depth Research
  • Initial Business Review
  • Full Business Review
  • Valuation
  • In-Depth Research on Macro Economcs
  • Presentation to Investment Committee
  • Acquisition Structuring Shareholder agreement Due diligence
  • Transactional risk assessment Investment committee approval
  • Implementation Post-transaction management


Challenges to investing in Africa remain, but investors who can overcome the challenges will find superior investment prospects - CFA Institute