Africa One Holdings | About The Company
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About The Company

A brief background on AO Holdings

The Company


AO Holdings LTD is a board-managed private capital company that was founded to identify, implement and leverage the business opportunities available in Africa, with a keen eye on the Mining, Tourism, Property and Infrastructure sectors.

Our primary aim is to provide institutional and armchair investors with the opportunity to invest into larger unlisted companies and alternative assets, providing investors stable yet aggressive growth. Whilst still providing investors with a level of liquidity not normally associated with these kinds of investments.

With our innovative approach, AO Holdings Ltd, offers its stakeholders and partners easy and safe access to the fast growing African continent - CEO John-Ernest Fogwell

AO Holdings is registered in Mauritius and is thus regulated under the Mauritian Financial Services Commission.

At AO Holdings we feel that we are:

Independently Managed


Independently Audited


Independently Administrated

Which adds that level of transparency that we as an investment market yearned for.

Our Core Belief

“SINE CERA” (Without Wax)

In early Roman times Master craftsmen used to engrave their sculptures and works with the term “sine cera”, meaning without wax. Since wax was commonly used by lesser craftsmen to hide blemishes and mistakes in their works due it its easy manipulation and low cost. The tragedy of the use of wax was that the warm Mediterranean climate caused the wax to melt over time, thus showing the imperfections in the works bought. So the claim that something was sine cera would be an important guarantee during this Roman time.


Unlocking the world final frontier investment opportunity!